Sr Pastor Mark & Dr Karen-Roush Pearce

          Pastor Mark carries a rich and diverse background in music, ministry, and leadership. Born into a family immersed in professional music, he traveled alongside his singer/songwriter and minister parents. Growing up as a pastor's son, Mark was instilled with a deep-rooted faith and a passion for church life.

          From a young age, Pastor Mark displayed a natural talent for music, particularly playing the drums and other instruments. This skill led him to play for renowned gospel artists and work as a recording session player. Through his musical journey, he had the privilege of sharing the stage as a worship leader and keynote speaker with esteemed individuals in both corporate and ministry settings.

          At just 17 years old, Pastor Mark stepped into the role of a youth pastor, igniting his passion for pastoral ministry. Over the course of more than 35 years, he has faithfully served at various levels, also assuming the role of Worship Pastor and ministering to countless congregations. Pastor Mark's family lineage boasts multiple pastors and evangelists, spanned across seven generations, affirming his strong ministry heritage.
          Despite facing a challenging diagnosis of severe rheumatoid arthritis, Pastor Mark experienced a miraculous healing from God. This life-altering event inspired him to defy the odds, taking up competitive weightlifting and becoming a 7-time World Deadlift Champion. Through his victories and personal journey, Pastor Mark became an inspirational speaker, sharing his testimony and insights with numerous groups, companies, and churches.

          Pastor Mark's remarkable story has garnered recognition, leading to his features in magazine articles, books, and media appearances. His unique blend of ministry, music, and personal triumphs has captivated audiences and made a profound impact on those he encountered. Currently, Pastor Mark continues to serve faithfully while embracing his multifaceted calling as senior pastor of Pathway Church. In 2009, Mark had the joy of being reunited with his junior high school sweetheart, Dr. Karen Roush, hailing from Lonoke, Arkansas. They married on February 28, 2010, marking the beginning of their lifelong partnership.
          Karen has dedicated over 20 years of her career as a pathologist within the Methodist Hospital system, where she serves as the Vice Chairman of the Department of Pathology. With an impressive academic background, Karen has earned both an MD and an MBA, encompassing a diverse skill set in the field of medicine. Karen's commitment to excellence and leadership includes serving on many committees including those at Methodist Health System, Carter BloodCare and The College of American Pathologists. Karen grew up in a Missionary Baptist household, and her parents continue to show the daily blessings of being lifelong followers of Jesus Christ.
          Together, Pastor Mark and Karen have experienced the joys of raising seven children and delight in the blessings of their grandchildren. Family holds a special place in their hearts, and they wholeheartedly believe in the significance of nurturing their loved ones in the ways of God. In their roles as church pastors, Pastor Mark and Karen are passionate about instilling within their congregants the importance of worship and personal knowledge of the Bible, particularly focusing on the transformative power of God's Word, especially during life's storms. Their deepest desire is for every individual who attends Pathway to encounter the tangible presence of God during worship services. They have a passion for their church family to walk confidently in their identity as ambassadors of Christ. Pastor Mark and Karen fervently pray that their church will be a vibrant, community-minded congregation, filled with laborers who actively strive to reach out to the lost and fulfill the call of Matthew 9:37.

We  believe that every person has a divine calling to be God's champions, radiating the light of His love in every aspect of life. We embrace this vision as spiritual leaders, relentlessly pursuing God's purposes and fostering an environment where all can thrive as they embrace their identity as His beloved children”.